Ranging from a simple 3 page website to a bespoke eCommerce platform combined with your own branded iPhone application; Wanted Pixel offers affordable, high quality design and functionality that will perform for your business.
Wanted Pixel brings together creativity, technology, and marketing to transform your vision into reality.

What we do

Wanted Pixel brings together creativity, technology, and marketing to transform your vision into reality.


We build custom web applications that integrate into your business, seamlessly supporting your every day processes. We employ an Agile development process - rapid, iterative cycles - and open-source technologies like Ruby on Rails to create stable, scalable, extensible systems. We are especially skilled in interating web applications with other systems, such as your web store, backoffice-stock management or client relations management systems.


We design and develop innovative mobile applications that provide a unique presentation of your business on the Apple App-store, the Android market and the Samsung Apps marketplace. Equally focusing on design, usability and functionality is what makes Wanted Pixel mobile apps exceptional.


Wanted Pixel supports businesses of all shapes and sizes to put their shops online. Features include product catalogues and shopping carts, secure, online debit/credit card transactions, personalised design & build, integration with back-office systems and powerful analytics to track and manage performance in real time. We provide integration will payment gateways (such as RBS WorldPay and SagePay), paypal and bespoke stock management systems.


At Wanted Pixel, we see Brand design as a singular vision of an organization's layers and nuances. We have the talent to create the logo, typography, color schemes, and graphical imagery that fit to our client's values and personality. We develop visual identities for our customers and translate identities into websites and promotional products, be it digital or print.


Quality assurance engineer with professional experience in automation and manual testing. Expertise in test planning and execution. Konstantina is very strict in terms of quality but also flexible and ready to help in terms of problem solving. Her education as a mech engineer and her long working experience in the Shipping field resulted in her high sense of responsibility in every project she is involved.

THIMIOS DIMOPULOS, Computer Eng, Phd Candidate

Thimios counts fiteen years of experience on software, networking and web technology. He worked as a research scientist at the Deutsche Telekom Laboratories and as an IT Consultant for E&E Consultants AG in Berlin. He has published research work on ACM and IEEE journals. Thimios is candidate for a Phd on Usability at the Technical University of Berlin. He plays jazz guitar and travels a lot.

Spiros Dimopulos, Computer Eng, M.Sc.

Spiros has a passion for all things web and mobile. He has been developing websites and mobile applications for ten years. Spiros' mastery on programming combined with his eye for detail on design are especially appreciated at Wanted Pixel.

Gilles Freluche, Design & User experience

Gilles is a professional Graphic designer since 2005. His passion is to visually reveal the key points of a project, enabling it to stand out of the mass. He is restlessly seeking new ideas driven by his curiosity for illustration, subculture and all things exotic.

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We are present in Germany (Berlin) and in France (Paris). We speak english, german, french, spanish and greek.Let us know about your project; we will use our knowledge and experience to help you make informed decisions about it. Meeting exciting people, starting new projects and concepts is what makes us tick.
Not sure what services you need? We provide fixed rate consulting services that will help identify your needs and get the best out of your budget.
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